A Secondary Benefit of Networking During a Job Loss


As I talked about in my previous article and have heard repeatedly, networking is the key. I’m not sure the exact statistics, but I’ve heard that over 60% of jobs never make it to LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, or any of the online job sites: they are filled with people that have the proper connections. Like the adage says


I’ll be honest with you; I am fighting depression. I have had a job for my entire adult life, and after finding my first one out of college have never had much trouble finding a new job.

And now, I don’t have a job.

Not only that, I can’t find one.

It is taking every bit of mental toughness I have just to get out of bed in the morning and complete even more useless job applications.

The Secondary Benefit of Networking

So what is this benefit?

They’ve told me I matter.

I hope I get a new job soon (and that COVID is over) because I’ve promised lunch to so many people who have encouraged me. I’m not sure how I would be doing mentally without the network of people I have interacted with over my lifetime.

Lunch is on me.

Full-time IT nerd and part-time writer. I write about whatever catches my fancy that day, although, mostly fiction. Visit me at https://loren-wilson.com

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